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What is Blogmarkt?

Blogmarkt is a group of content writers, laser-focused on creating factually accurate, trustworthy, and authoritative content. We help publishers fighting against misinformation, auto-blogging, and exploitative marketing.

Our Process

How Blogmarkt works

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You tell us a little about your company and book a consultation session with us. During the session, we talk about your goals and answer all your questions. We don’t charge for information, so you can ask anything you’d like to know.

After the call, we access your site and content. We run it through our High Quality Content Criteria and look for growth points. Then, we create a powerful, FREE-to-take-home content strategy for your business to skyrocket your impact.

If you’d like, we’ll produce the content for you based on the strategy we created. You’ll be linked with the Editor-in-Chief directly, and he’ll ensure that the content we’re producing is 100% aligned with your goals.

Once the production has completed, we’ll publish it to your site at high frequencies. This includes updating content frequently to keep it fresh and authentic.

Core Value


To ensure that each and every word we write is as authentic as possible, we’ve built an editorial team of subject-matter experts from over 10 niches. If we feel we don’t have the expertise that your content would require for it to be authentic, we recommend you to our partner companies who can help better.


Why Authenticity?

AI has boosted the publication of misinformed and inauthentic content on blogs tenfold. All of Google’s recent algorithm updates are focused on promoting content written with the intention of adding value to human lives.

The result? Businesses and blogs publishing scrappy content are losing their search rankings, and are ultimately losing their business visibility and customers.

It is our mission to write content that’s authentic, authoritative, and trustworthy, so that businesses with these core values can continue to grow through search engines.


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